“A leaf is a leaf – a bit of a tree. But when cool days come chasing, it also can be a …wind rider, lake glider, pile grower, hill glow-er, frost catcher, moth matcher…”      

A Leaf Can Be… by Laura Purdie Salas

What will YOU do with a leaf?! Here are some ideas:

Sort leaves: by color, size, shape, stem length, holes, and more! As you’re looking closely, identify leaves or come up with your own leaf names. Here is a leaf guide from Crow’s Path. 

Walk or crawl through fallen leaves on your bare hands and feet. How does it feel, sound, smell? 

Make a leaf creature! Here are some books for inspiration:

If You Find a Leaf  by Aimee Sicuro 

Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert

Look What I Did With a Leaf! by Morteza E. Sohi

Use leaves as loose parts – that is, open-ended materials for play!

Make a leaf soup, use leaves as currency, make a leaf fan – what fantastical ways can you use leaves?

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