The Nature Program
Monthly community-based training workshops for adult volunteers to prepare them to teach place-based natural science lessons for classrooms of K-6 elementary school children.

Nearby Nature from Home or School: more outdoor learning activities
Natural science explorations outlines that students (and families and teachers) can do alone or in a group and through the seasons — in the backyard, schoolyard, from the front stoop, in a nearby park or natural area.

Knee High Nature
Four Winds’ Professional Learning Communities for early childhood educators who want to nurture their young children’s sense of wonder, sense of place and sense of self through nature-based play and learning.

Teacher Professional Development
Year-long, teacher-directed, place-based science education professional development that connects teachers with local content specialists and natural resources to engage students in investigating community-based environmental issues and ideas that are meaning and relevant to their lives and their future.

MORE TIME TEACHING OUTDOORS: In addition to our year-long, multi-session teacher professional development, this year we are also offering a three-hour all-outdoor session for teachers that addresses teaching outdoors under CDC guidance and focuses on using the outdoor spaces at their site as a teaching resource for any subject area. This introduction, then, sets the stage for a teacher-led Professional Learning Community (PLC) to support each other in getting all children outdoors. Four Winds staff will provide up to 2 hours of coaching, relevant readings, and resources for the PLC.

Contact us at (802) 353-9440 to find out more!

Nearby Nature!

Click here to access our online publication for a treasure trove of natural science lessons and explorations designed to get children and adults outside learning together in every season.

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