The Nature Program
Hands-on learning for elementary school children.

Knee High Nature
Helping early childhood educators nurture a child’s sense of wonder and sense of place.

Linkages for Environmental Literacy
Experience place-based science education professional development.

Four Winds also offers a variety of natural science presentations and workshops for formal and non-formal educators (classroom teachers, home school parents, camp staff, recreation department staff, after school program instructors, preschool teachers, daycare providers, parents, pre-service teachers, etc.) that will bring participants outdoors in their own neighborhood and community to learn about and explore the natural world. The goal of such courses is to teach educators how to use the outdoors as a teaching resource, including (when developmentally appropriate) how to incorporate field studies into the curriculum. These workshops include interdisciplinary ways to integrate outdoor learning in the curriculum.

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Nearby Nature!

Click here to access our incredible online publication for a treasure trove of natural science lessons and explorations designed to get children and adults outside learning together in every season.