To support teachers and parents as we all adjust to current modifications in schools’ structures and programming due to the pandemic, Four Winds has developed these short, engaging natural science explorations meant to be done by students and families across multiple days. Each Nearby Nature from Home module begins with an opportunity for outdoor discovery, and then includes a variety of activities to encourage children to notice, wonder about, and investigate some aspect of the natural world we live in. The units are aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards and provide wonderful opportunities for children to engage in science practices. They also include writing prompts, reading suggestions, and extension ideas.

Nearby Nature from Home for Remote Learning

The Nearby Nature from Home modules are divided into separate activities over multiple days, making it simple for teachers to include an exploration idea into their remote learning plans as a choice for their students. Each month’s module throughout the year focuses on a different topic of an overarching science concept: structure and function, cycles in nature, ecosystems, patterns in nature, or earth systems. These modules are flexible in how they can be assigned, they can keep community connections with volunteers alive (virtually), and they encourage families to explore nature together right in their own neighborhood.

With an $800/year school subscription, schools receive access to remote learning modules for eight (8) extended instructional units, the teaching resources for the modules’ activities, supplemental materials and information, plus lesson outlines for teaching the units outdoors. The subscription includes Four Winds support for teachers and volunteers throughout the year — tips, techniques and resources to help children make the most of these learning opportunities by connecting online and sharing discoveries with their classmates.

Nearby Nature from Home for Families

Here’s a new resource for families who want to get their children outside learning and doing science together. Nearby Nature from Home includes five separate sets of 8-10 learning modules, each set focused on various aspects of one overarching natural science concept.  Each module details 4 or 5 days’ worth of mini-explorations on each topic, with time outside most every day. The modules include embedded links that take you to the resources to do the activities. Click here to see a sample module, Tremendous Trees.

We’re offering a concept’s modules (~8 pdfs) for $80 for a family, and we respectfully ask that folks not share the pdfs with others. You can either send a check to Four Winds at the address below or pay via PayPal with the donate button on this website.

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