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Four Winds Nature Institute is a non-profit organization advancing the understandingappreciation, and protection of the environment through community-based natural science education and research.

Founded in 2006, Four Winds strives to improve environmental literacy throughout a community by providing people of all ages with meaningful opportunities to explore the natural world. In developing and offering programs, Four Winds is committed to those that address the following goals:

  • Increasing people’s knowledge of the natural world through direct observation, hands-on learning activities, and rich outdoor experiences.
  • Improving science literacy (content and skills) by encouraging people to explore their local environment.
  • Connecting a broad and diverse audience of people to the natural world on an ongoing and meaningful basis.
  • Providing people with the critical thinking, problem solving, and citizenship skills to make informed decisions on local environmental issues.

Our aim is to promote community-wide interest and involvement in environment and education issues – making decisions based on sound science, thoughtful dialogue, broad-based discussion, and consideration of systems-wide impacts. We want to see people of all ages outside in their own community, enjoying nature, exploring, asking questions, and thinking about the natural world through a variety of lenses.


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We are a dedicated group of educators, scientists, nature enthusiasts, and engaged citizens working to advance environmental literacy in our schools and communities.

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