Here is the perspective of ReTribe co-founder and mentor Julia Hunt:

“The main message is that we are all interconnected – that’s all humans and all beings. When you actually feel the realness of how the weather is affecting you, the same as the animals – you’re out all day. When you get to hear the sounds of the forest and become attuned to what’s happening in the world around you outside. The more that you feel like you understand it, the more that it feels like your friend and you’re part of that. It feels less like humans and nature, and more like, ‘Oh, we’re another part of this cycle.’ That means that our actions have to work within the cycles. Just like all the other beings’ actions have to so that we can all coexist here.”

“Part of our school is that the community overall has to help to make this fire. You don’t get the firewood and we won’t, all of us won’t, be warm. It helps build empathy and compassion … it makes it feel like they’re home and that they belong there.”

“It feels less about all the detailed information we give. And it’s more about the feeling that they remember later in life. They can remember that feeling of peace, and then they know it’s possible to get back there.”

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