“This is Beauty! Beauty is beautiful! I’m going to give Beauty a drink!” exclaimed a North Branch Nature Center Forest Preschooler. 

“Beauty” is a plant that the preschoolers met in their forest classroom, called Deer Camp. Students spent time with a plant, asking their name and getting to know them. Other students also met “Little Paws,” “Dario,” and “Velvet”. They noted the different sizes and lengths. One plant told a student “I’m growing!” During choice play time some students came back to their plant to talk more and to introduce their plant to others.

Forest Preschool Director Arianna Dayharsh sees her students build empathy and connection to place as they get to know the plants and animals. Arianna says the preschoolers “Greet the forest whenever we go out there and say ‘Hi, hi Deer Camp. How are you Deer Camp?'”

What plant or animal do YOU say hello to when you encounter them outside?!  

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