Experience place-based science education professional development.

Linkages for Environmental Literacy supports K-12 teachers in curriculum development and implementation by connecting them to a vast network of environmental educators, scientists, and researchers who serve as content specialists. Following are links to some of the units developed through this program.

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Circuits Cycles Circles – JLoeffler grade 5

Building a School Compost System – Czaja grade 4+

Ecosystem Health – Stainton grade 9

Cosmic Sense of Place – Hanson grade 6

Travels with Trees Art Portfolio – Gaudette grades k-6

Tracks and Traces in Ecosystem – Stout grade 3

Wonders of Water Testing – Hewitt grade 4

Weather – Manney grade K

WattsOff Electricity and Conservation – Kurash grade 5

Waste Management – Pristaw grade 6

Tunbridge Clay – Loeffler grade 6

Nature Journaling as an Intro to Place – Durkel grade 4

Living Sustainably with Technology – JLoeffler grade 5

Lewis and Clark and My Backyard – Stout Grade 2

Rot on – Hewitt Barrett grades 3-4

River Study – Grant grade 7

Pollination Interdependence in Ecosystems – Stern grade 3

Paper Footprint – Loeffler grade 3-4-5

Investigable Spider Science – Brown grade 4  A MS Power Point

Forest Tells A Story – KurashSiegler grade 4

Forest Ecosystem – SmithQuinn grade 3

Forest As Sustainable Resource – Dutton grade 4

Farms, Food and Environmental Impact – Giller grades 5-6

Insects Friends or Foes – Kurash grade 3

Inquiring About (stream) Erosion – Hewitt grade 4

How Big Is That Tree – MacConnell grade 3

History of VT People in Our Forests – Siegler grade 4

Lewis and Clark and My Backyard – Stout grade 2