Engaging so many parents who bring this program into the classrooms throughout our school is a win-win. This hands-on nature program fits the child’s natural curiosity to explore the world around them.

Principal, Essex Junction, VT

It is magical to see students stop to consider a flower or a moth, to try to identify a bird, or write without stopping beneath the shade of an old oak tree. Linkages has been the catalyst I needed to teach and encourage these moments.

4th Grade Teacher, Bradford, VT

Thank you for a fun, interactive workshop we can really use with our kids!

Knee High Nature Participant, Hanover, NH

I love the program so much!! I love being a part of the school in such a hands-on way!

Nature Program Volunteer, Cambridge, VT

Great activities where students are engaged, involved, and allowed to be inquisitive.

Principal, Georgia, VT