Winter 2023
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Child's Perspective

“Let’s put the red seeds in cupcakes!
Let’s put water with the ice cubes to make the red seeds come out -
that will make the ice cubes warm and the red seeds will come out.”
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Read this study on how outdoor classrooms can enhance "creativity with regard to problem solving, ingenuity, and construction" through four factors: (a) predictable spaces, (b) ample and consistent time, (c) open-ended materials, and (d) caring, observant adults who support creative play and learning.

Ideas for Families in Winter

David Sobel has identified seven play motifs, or recurring play patterns, while observing children playing freely in natural areas around the world. Read more here from Woeste Westen in the Netherlands.
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Natural History Mystery

Porcupine Signs
Who is leaving all these signs in the winter woods?
The mystery will be unveiled in our blog tomorrow.

Places to Ramble

Explore the Donahue Sea Caves in Burlington and the ice formations of Thundering Brook Falls in Killington.
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Interested in joining Four Winds for nature-based play and learning?
Contact Ellen (ellen@fwni.org) for more information on partnering for free discussion series, storytimes, play groups, and more.
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