“PEENT!” The nasally exclamation sounds from the field at dusk. “PEENT!” booms into the twilight again and again from the same spot. Then comes a high-pitched weedling higher and higher into the sky. The twittering transforms to emphatic chirps as the sound returns to the ground. Finally, the familiar “PEENT!” rings out close to the original spot and the concert repeats. 

This is the soundtrack of the American Woodcock male’s flight display – keep your ears open and explore becoming Woodcocks this spring! 

-Try out different tools (clothes pins, tongs, tweezers, chopsticks, ect) as your long woodcock bill to probe for food (mostly earthworms) in soft dirt

-Make a pair of wings and create your own version of the male woodcock’s song and dance – here’s more information about their flight display.

-Go out in early spring evenings and see the flight display in action – here’s some Timberdoodlin’ Tips.

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