“There is nothing in all the Great World more wonderful than some of the plants that people call common. You think it is wonderful because what you thought a single flower is made up of ever so many tiny flowers. But there are other things just as wonderful about the Dandelion.” 

The Burgess Flower Book for Children by Thornton Burgess

Another wonderful thing about Dandelions is that their stems are hollow, creating tiny bubble wands! Cut both ends of the stem, dip in soapy water or bubble mix, and add some air. Experiment to find the ideal length, width, and shape of dandelion stems.

Dandelions get their name from the French dent de lion (lion’s tooth) for the jagged edges of their leaves. Use the leaves to create your own toothy creature!

Dandelion leaf teeth, dandelion bud ear, dandelion flowers eye, dandelion root nose, dandelion seed hair, dandelion stem face outline

What other wonderful things will you discover about dandelions when you look closely?

Bumblebee visiting dandelion flowers for pollen and nectar

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