“This is our boat!” declared preschoolers at AllTogetherNow! Preschool in East Montpelier. They explained further, “The parts in front make sure we don’t bump into things. We are heading to California. We have five silly cats onboard. Here is our pizza oven with a table on top. We’re making chocolate pizza today! We have to wear our coats to go through the cold lava so we can catch fish to eat.”

Blocks from a timber framer, gutters, and logs were also transformed into the “ball drop” game. Here, students practiced early scientific method explorations. They observed where the ball was going, adjusted components, and predicted where the ball would end up. They continued to observe, adjust, and predict again, and again, and again, until they were able to get the ball to go exactly where they wanted.

Outdoors, Director Ellen Leonard sees greater levels of engagement. She says, “There is never a lack of something to do!” While Ellen has seen kids reach the end of their imagination indoors, she has never seen that outdoors. With more space and creative freedom outdoors, Ellen has seen students rise to greater independence and resilience. 

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  1. Love the kids’ description of their boat! Those little brains are really working while they get to be outdoors. Yay!

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