Information for Schools

Four Winds’ Nature Program offers monthly two-hour natural science workshops for adults interested in sharing their love of nature with schoolchildren. With engaging indoor and outdoor activities and explorations, adults give young students an opportunity to study nature in their own schoolyard and neighborhood.

Children learn important science concepts and practice science skills such as asking questions, making observations, recording data, and communicating information.

The Nature Program examines five key science standards, with monthly workshops each addressing that year’s concept.

Though we recommend that each school provide eight workshops per school year, schools may choose to sign up for fewer workshops, if necessary. Click here for a complete 2018-19 Four Winds Nature Program fees matrix.

For some fundraising ideas to support the Nature Program in your school, click here.

Smaller schools are encouraged to partner with neighboring schools to share workshops. Though the total cost increases in order to cover the cost of additional materials and administration, the cost to individual schools is reduced. In 2018-19, for example, for 2 schools sharing eight workshops the total cost is $4,200, or $2,100 per school if shared evenly; for 3 schools sharing the eight workshops the total cost is $4,785, so just $1,595 when split among the three partners. Schools may divide the total cost evenly among the partners or apportion according to the number of students served by the program.