Knee High Nature

KNEE HIGH NATURE: professional development workshops for early childhood professionals

Regular free time in natural settings is an important part of healthy child development.  Nature-based play enhances children’s learning, health and overall quality of life.  Yet children today spend less time outdoors than any previous generation. Let’s Change that through Knee High Nature!

Boy at Pond

Knee High Nature (KHN) professional development workshops include local natural science content relevant to your site, and engage early childhood professionals in the best practices for authentic play in nature for children and the learning that it fosters.

The Knee High Nature curriculum is designed to increase children’s awareness of, curiosity about and appreciation of the natural world through investigation, creative play and plenty of interactive time outside.  The units draw from children’s own outdoor experiences with many different hands-on opportunities that encourage them to raise questions, explore objects and materials, spend time outside and share and discuss their ideas.

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