Educational Programs

Four Winds’s Education Programs

Opening the Door to Discovery in Nature — research supports these programs

In choosing and developing programs, Four Winds is committed to those that address the following goals:

  • Programs that increase people’s knowledge of the natural world through direct observation, hands-on learning activities, and rich outdoor experiences;
Student Drawing
  • Programs that improve science literacy (content and skills) by encouraging people to explore their local environment;
  • Programs that connect a broad and diverse audience of people to the natural world on an ongoing and meaningful basis;
  • Programs that provide people with the critical thinking, problem solving, and citizenship skills to make informed decisions on local environmental issues.

Four Winds strives to improve the quality of education by providing children with meaningful opportunities to explore the natural world. We learn science by doing science, through inquiry, observation and investigation. Throughout the school year, Four Winds volunteers provide students with many different learning opportunities including frequent interactions with the natural world; frequent opportunities to use appropriate tools – including the senses – for observation and collection of data; flexible grouping for investigations, problem solving tasks, research, and experimentation; and teachers who display scientists’ habits of mind. In addition, Four Winds’s education programs work to strengthen communities by bringing adults and children together each month to share, learn, laugh and grow.