Environmental Literacy

Environmental Literacy for Vermont

The Four Winds Nature Institute and Vermont’s Statewide Environmental Education Programs Association (SWEEP) are continuing the statewide conversation on environmental literacy. The goal of this project is the creation of a Roadmap to Environmental Literacy for Vermont.  For more information, visit the Environmental Literacy Vermont website and document.Environmental Education and the Common Core English Language Arts

Environmental Education and the Common Core Math

Environmental Literacy and the Next Generation Science Standards

What is environmental literacy?

The North American Association of Environmental Educators (NAAEE) defines environmental literacy as including:

An understanding of the Earth as a physical and living system that includes humans and their societies;

A familiarity with modes of inquiry, critical thinking and problem solving skills, and an ability to interpret and synthesize information;

An understanding of the ideals and practices of citizenship in order to participate in resolving issues;

Motivation and empowerment to act...understanding that what people do as individuals and groups can make a difference.

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What is being done about it?

Four Winds and SWEEP are working in partnership to create a Roadmap to Environmental Literacy, each recognizing that achieving environmental literacy is a community-wide effort.

In the spring of 2010, we hosted public dialogues in each county in Vermont.  Over 200 people participated in this statewide dialogue, and the minutes to these discussions are posted at Environmental Literacy Vermont. The dialogue process was based on an appreciative inquiry approach and framed through the lens of community asset mapping.

We have compiled and synthesized the data from the public meetings and selected stories from each county that highlight some of the environmental initiatives and programs happening around the state. These stories are included in the Roadmap to Environmental Literacy for Vermont along with recommendations for next steps and a framework for an environmental literacy plan for students K-12.

We continue to welcome your ideas and suggestions.

For additional information

Please contact Jen Brown, Vermont’s Environmental Literacy Project Coordinator,

or call Four Winds at 802-353-9440 with any questions.

This project was funded by a grant from the Canaday Family Charitable Trust. We greatly appreciate this generous support.

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